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Early Intervention

The North CArolina Infant-Toddler Program

“The North Carolina Early Intervention Section (NCEI) is a part of the N.C. Division of Child and Family Well-Being. It is the lead agency for the N.C. Infant-Toddler Program (ITP). The Infant-Toddler Program provides supports and services for families and their children, birth to three who have special needs.”

Family Support Program of NC

Organization whose mission is “to promote and provide support for families with children who have special needs.”

The Hanen Centre

The Hanen Centre is a non profit organizaiton with the goal to empower parents and professionals supporting children’s language and literacy development. They provide courses, training, and materials to those looking to address & teach language skills in through everyday activities.


National Autism Society

The Autism Society is a national organization supporting families and individuals with autism. Through their network of affiliates the Autism Society addresses issues such as health care, education, emplyoment,  healthcare and more at the national, lstate and local level.

Autism Society of North Carolina

The state chapter of the Autism Society. Their goal is to be a trusted partner for all people with autism by improving lives, supporting families and educating communities.

Autism Care Today

Autism Care Today is a national non profit organization that looks to raise awareness for individuals and families affect by autism. They provide and help facilitate services including referrals, funding and guidance.

Organization for Autism Research

The Organization For Autism Research aims to apply science to address the social, educational, and treatment concerns of self advocates, parents, autism professionals and caregivers.

Family Support/General

NC Health Care Help Line

“The North Carolina Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Help Line is a free information and referral  source for caregivers of and professionals who work with children and youth who have or are at risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions, needing health services beyond the care that a child typically needs.”

Disability Rights North Carolina

“Disability Rights North Carolina is a legal advocacy agency that fights for the rights of people with disabilities in North Carolina. We handle cases involving discrimination, abuse and other rights violations. All of our services are at no cost to North Carolinians with disabilities. We are a private, independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a member of the National Disability Rights Network.”

Center for Parent Information & Resources

The Center for Parent Information & Resources aim is to be the central hub of information and procuts for the netwrok fo parent centers serving families of children with disabilities. “All the materials found on the CPIR Hub have been created and archived for Parent Centers around the country to help them provide support and services to the families they serve”

Bravery Kids Gym

Local (Fayetteville) Play Gym provides an inclusive indoor play facility that offers a fun, safe and stimulating learning environment to promote childhood development thtough play.


Online resource for special education law and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.